Lou Lou Sainsbury is a non-binary artist, filmmaker, musician and writer based in London. They make things about strange and close encounters, seeking exploratory and intimate approaches to understand technology, power, and how living beings are represented. They use sloppy words, noisy performances and unstable images, to create tricksterish and treacherous fables for that next favourite impossible utopia.

Lou Lou mostly likes working collaboratively with other artists, through joint-research and co-operating in self-organised support and experimental education. In 2016, they graduated with a BA in Moving Image at University of Brighton; they subsequently founded Synthetic Ecology, an educational forum and screening platform for artists’ moving image, in collaboration with the artist Mikhail Karikis. In 2017, Lou Lou was an associate artist at Open School East, and in Jan 2019 they co-founded Remote Control, a video based artists collective. They are currrently an associate of Conditions studio programme in Croydon. Lou Lou is also a member of LIVE PASTE, a live-performance & video project with the artist Tamsin Kavanagh.

Lou Lou’s projects have been shown internationally in film festivals, DIY spaces and galleries including: 1667: Not Alive, Just Living, Nottingham Contemporary (2019), Analogue Ensemble (2018), Limbo Gallery - Margate (2018), Flat Time House - London (2018), Guest Projects - London (2017), Alchemy Film Festival - Scotland (2017) & Cinecity - Brighton (2016).

Awards and residencies include ODD Residency - Romania (2018) / Synthetic Ecology 2 - ONCA Residency (2017) / Subterranean Worlds - Margate Festival (2017) / Synthetic Ecology 1 - Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England (2017). Publications include Glossolalia, SALT. Editorial (2019) / life/forms, Wild Combination, Flat Time House, edited by Lucy Cowling (2018) / The Unstable Condition of Zhong Zhong & Hua Hua, ODD (2018).