Feeling for Chimeras, 2017-2018

Double-channel HD video, performance, found footage, text, sound, fur scarf, overcoat.
Exhibited at The Well, Open School East, Margate, 2017

Feeling for Chimeras is a research project investigating the sacred, the self-hunt and systemic violence in queer and chimerical bodies. Taking form as a performative lecture and video installation, Feeling for Chimeras explores text-to-image relationships as a reflexive process for fable-esque & fictive experiences of the body; using poetry and found footage video to uncover moments of vulnerability and tenderness in experiences of systemic violence.

“What is an affinity with the chimera? That is to ask, what is it to fuck with both a cunt and a cock. That is to ask, what is it to fuck mirrors and leave breathy fogs on sharp reflective coats of glass, in a ritual of fucking, what is it to penetrate oneself, what is it to colonise oneself in attempts of seeking self love. Is there a special type of love in fucking, that one can find when fucking themselves? That is to fuck, to explore non-productive routes of fulfillment. To explore the inbetweens.”


In the Effigy of the Moocow, 2016

Single-Channel HD Video, DV, painting, text, colour, sound
Written by Lou Lou Sainsbury and Nina Gunther
17.15 mins

What happens to the images of living beings once they become ecologically and economically unstable?

In the Effigy of the Moocow explores this question by reclaiming the fable and inverting forms of European farming heritage, working towards a new aesthetic of living beings. The farm becomes a magic and quiet realm of personhood. The Redwoods of Northern California become an impossible safe haven. The songs of century old Swedish farming pierce through the forest, calling for a disintegration of the landscape.

Utilising the childlike image of the Moocow (James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 1912) and reworking images of late 19th to early 20th Century English animal studies and landscape painting, the experimental documentary weaves an ethically critical narrative; deconstructing themes of human and non-human domestication, the image, agency, gender and radicalising symbols of heritage.


The Unstable Condition of Zhong Zhong & Hua Hua, 2018

Publication - 28 pages, video, sound, hat, performative-lecture.
Commissioned by ODD, Romania.
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Taking form of a personal poetic-essay and performative-lecture, The Unstable Condition of Zhong Zhong & Hua Hua interweaves a spiralling riddle and manifesto of desire, intimacy and recent developments in non-human primate testing. During a dream, the recent birth of two cloned crab-eating macaques sisters ‘Zhong Zhong’ & ‘Hua Hua’ become precariously enmeshed with news of BMW & Volkswagen funded diesel tests on monkeys. As the the cloned primate sisters take host within the strange temporality of their incubation chamber, a personal non-linear journal of love, queerness and animality evokes questions of memory, visibility and the difficulties of whose arms are holding one, and in whose arms one lives in.


Wild Combination, 2018

Performance, screening & workshop,  double-page feature in zine.
at Flat Time House, 16th September, 2018
Curated by Lucy Cowling.

Wild Combination was a guided tour and participatory workshop on how to be ‘wild’, that transformed the semi-domestic setting of Flat Time House into a reflective ecological ‘time-machine’. Using experimental approaches to storytelling, live-performance and video, Lou Lou guided participants through the gendered and racialised connections between bizarre creatures in medieval bestiaries and contemporary image-based surveillance society; unravelling how our familiar categories of human/animal have been used to subjugate living beings.

Wild Combination then hosted a guided walk around Flat Time House, the gallery was split into three different time periods (1000BCE, 2100BCE, 3000BCE). Here participants were invited to become distant, strange or otherworldly creatures; using discussion and writing based exercises to cross time periods and uncover collective fears about ‘what being human (or otherwise) means to them’, “what even is the future anyway?’ and ‘how can this help us to act now?’



Synthetic Ecology #2: Midnight Notes, 2017

ONCA Gallery (Brighton) awarded - 4 day camping & artists’ development residency. 
With exhibition of sound art & artists’ moving image including artists Ruby Bateman, Bethany Crawford, Karel Doing, Justin Grize, George Harding, Lydia Heath, Kris Lock, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Oren Shoesmith, Korallia Stergides, Jo Sweeney, Jeph Vanger, Dana Venezia, Jack Walsh, Sam Williams.

Curated and co-ordinated by Lou Lou Sainsbury. 

Using research departing from Lis Rhodes’ concept of the ‘visible’ and histories of cinema, SE examined the night in reflection to crisis capitalism and used ONCA as an improvised space for artist development & collaborative learning. During the 4 day residency, Synthetic Ecology artists camped in Stanmer Park, Brighton and worked in ONCA, using both sites to lead workshops, sound walks, storytelling, film screenings and reading groups. Artists that took part in the residency included Sam Williams, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Lydia Heath, George Harding, Korallia Stergides and Kris Lock. The collaborative work and thinking from the residency then led up to our main public event, Midnight Notes, featuring sound art, video and performance selected from an open call.



Lou Lou Sainsbury

w: loulousainsbury.com
e: loulousainsbury@gmail.com

2019 - Associate of Conditions, 89 Gloucester Road, Croydon (Collaborative Project)
2019 - Issue 10: Glossolalia, SALT. Editorial (Publication)
2019 August - Dissident Lines // Lis Rhodes, Nottingham Contemporary (Performance & Workshop)

2017 to 2018 - Associate Artist at Open School East, Margate
2014 to 2016 - Moving Image BA (Hons) at University of Brighton

Awards & Residencies
2019 - Well Projects Residency, Margate
2018 - ODD Residency, Bucharest, Romania - Residency, Funded by AFCN and IICAT
2017 - Synthetic Ecology 2: Midnight Notes, ONCA Gallery, Brighton - Residency
2017 - Subterranean Worlds, Open School East, Margate - Funding awarded by Margate Festival
2017 - Guest Projects, Hackney, w/ Open School East - Residency
2017 - Synthetic Ecology - Grants for the Arts funding awarded by Arts Council England
2016 March - Three-D Digital Artist Residency, http://www.digitalartistresidency.org/
2015 - LungA Festival, Youth Exchange Residency, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

Selected Group Exhibitions & Screenings
2019 August - Dissident Lines // Lis Rhodes, Nottingham Contemporary (Performance & workshop)
2019 June - The Change Room, Goldsmiths University, London
2019 April - LIVE PASTE at the Polirock Show, Pink Suits, Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate
2019 March - SUPERPOSITION, Well Projects, Margate - Collaborative video with Tuesday Club
2018 December - Ecstacy in Norwich, LOWER.GREEN, Norwich
2018 December - Intersection, Analogue Ensemble, Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate
2018 Novemberc- Moving Image 10th Anniversary, Cinecity, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton
2018 September - life/forms 3.0 | Wild Combination, Flat Time House, London
2018 August - Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, USA
2018 July - The Palace Arts Festival, Poland
2018 June - ODD, tranzit.ro, Bucharest, Romania - Zine Launch, performative-lecture & screening
2018 May - Lava Avant-garde Film Festival, PRL Museum, Krakow, Poland
2018 March - Criss Cross 3, Limbo Project Space, Margate - with Rosa Irwin Clark + Claire Orme
2018 February - the People can reveal, Limbo Project Space, Margate
2018 February to March - At the Violet Hour, Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate, Turner Contemporary
2017 November - The Well, Open School East, Margate
2017 September 2nd - Midnight Notes, Synthetic Ecology, ONCA Gallery, Brighton
2017 July - Subterranean Worlds, Open School East, Margate
2017 July - Be Magnificent, William Morris Gallery, London
2017 May - Open Day, Open School East, Margate
2017 May - Orchid and the Metal, Chisenhale Studios, London (Antiuniversity Now)
2017 March - Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland
2017 January - Mount Florida, Glasgow, Scotland
2016 November - Cinecity: Experimenta, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton
2016 June - Graduate Show 2016, Edward Street, University of Brighton
2015 November - Cinecity: Moving Image, Emporium, Brighton
2015 - Towner Gallery, Eastbourne
2014 September - Transmute, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton

Curatorial & Educational Projects
2019 to Ongoing -  Remote Control // Well Projects // Caraboo // Open School East (Cross-Collective Residency)
2019 - Conditions, 89 Gloucester Road, Croydon (workshop & teaching days as an Associate Artist)
2018 February - the People can reveal, Limbo Project Space, Margate - Curated by George Harding & Lou Lou Sainsbury
2017 September - Synthetic Ecology 2: Midnight Notes, ONCA, Brighton
2017 April - Synthetic Ecology, ONCA, Brighton - Curated by Mikhail Karikis, Lydia Heath & Lou Lou Sainsbury

2019 - Issue 10: Glossolalia, SALT. Editorial
2018 September 16th - life/forms 3.0 | Wild Combination, Flat Time House, Edited by Lucy Cowling.
2018 May - The Unstable Condition of Zhong Zhong & Hua Hua, ODD, Romania, Edited by Georgiana Cojocaru.

2019 - 1667: Not Alive, Just Living, Dissident Lines / Lis Rhodes, Nottingham Contemporary
2018 - September 16th - life/forms 3.0 | Wild Combination, Flat Time House, Curated by Lucy Cowling.
2017 - Spelunking: Chthonic Sounds, with Benedict Drew & George Harding, Open School East
2017- Spelunking: Cavities, with Benedict Drew & Roxman Gatt, Open School East
2017 - At the Edge of the Smoking Pool of Death (Reading & Listening workshop on Timothy Morton & Black Metal), Open School East, Margate Festival
2017 - Tool Making for a Precarious Future - with Jo Sweeney, Kris Lock and George Harding, Open School East, Anti-university