Lou Lou Sainsbury

2019 to 2021 - DAI Art Praxis MA at Dutch Art Institute
2017 to 2018 - Associate Artist at Open School East, Margate
2014 to 2016 - Moving Image BA (Hons) at University of Brighton

Selected Awards & Residencies
2023 - Kunstenaar Start, Mondriaan Fonds, NL
2022  - Hamburger Community of Art, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, NL (Residency)
2021 to 2023 - Freelands Gasworks Partnership Programme , UK
2021 - Gasworks, London, UK (Residency)
2021 - Droom en Daad Makersloket
2019 - ODD, Bucharest, RO (Residency)
2019 - Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth, UK (Residency)
2017 -  Synthetic Ecology 2: Midnight Notes, ONCA Gallery, Brighton, UK (Residency)
2017 - Subterranean Worlds, Open School East, Margate
2017 - Synthetic Ecology - Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England

Solo Exhibitions
2024 - A Cloud That Bites, Ehrlich Steinberg, Los Angeles, USA
2022 - Earth is a Deadname, Humber Street Gallery, Hull, UK
2022 - Earth is a Deadname, Gasworks, UK
2020 - my hole is the place where i call myself a mother, Well Projects, UK

Solo Performance Work
2022 - Xeny Meets Mr. Peonies, Gasworks, London, UK
2019  - 1667: Not Alive, Just Living, Nottingham Contemporary, UK
2018 - Wild Combination, Flat Time House, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions & Screenings
We’ll Be Your Mirror, Condo: Ehrlich Steinberg, Herald St, London, UK

de gang mondt uit gedachten veranderd, Perdu, Amsterdam, NL
Ovoce praská na rtech (Fruit bursts on your lips), hunt kastner, Prague, CZ
Atavism for the Future,
Ehrlich Steinberg, Los Angeles, USA
descending notes, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, FR/DE
INTRA (depend on me, bby), Ugly Duck Gallery, London, UK
descending notes - Except for Caresses, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, SCT
Eco-Futura Cinema, Carriage Works, Denbigh, UK
Trans-forming Trans-missions, Spanners, London, UK & Elevator, Shanghai, CN
descending notes, International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), NL
Late Works: Preperations II, Cafe Oto, London, UK

Fowelley’s Scent w/ Gabi Dao, Combine Art Fair, Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver, CA
Invocations of Bewilderment, Imaginary Z, Hangzhou, CN
Dark Advances: ‘Affect Aliens’ & Revolutionary Despair, Motto Books, Berlin, DE
Poems for Vampires, Whitstable Biennale, UK
Shocked Quartz, Ugly Duck Gallery, London, UK

COVEN: Witchcraft for Love Politics, Feminist Autonomous Centre, Athens, GR
Understory Chant, The Dutch Art Institute & Sonsbeek ‘20 - ‘24, NL
Metamorphosis: On future bodies & living identities, Nieuwe Vide, NL
Mood Spelled Backwards, Center of Contemporary Arts Prague, CZ

Visions in the Nunnery, Bow Arts, London, UK
i fantasize a springtime and cry, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES
Love Spells & Rituals For Another World, Royal Holloway, UK
The Conch, South London Gallery, UK

you are telling my story. They tell and eat and kiss and play us,
Yaby, Madrid, ES
The Future is Near, Tate Modern, London, UK
A Cut From Sharp Grass, Well Projects, Margate, UK

Moving Image 10th Anniversary, Cinecity, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, UK
La Faz De La Tierra/The Face of the Earth, Espacio Pla, Buenos Aires, AR
life/forms 3.0 | Wild Combination, Flat Time House, London, UK
The Unstable Condition, ODD, tranzit.ro, Bucharest, RO

In the Effigy of the Moocow, Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, SCT
The Well, Open School East, Margate, UK
Synthetic Ecology, ONCA Gallery, Brighton, UK
Be Magnificent, William Morris Gallery, London, UK

Curatorial & Educational Positions
2019 to 2022 - Associate Artist at Conditions, 89 Gloucester Road, Croydon, UK
2021 -  Associate Studio Programme at ACME & Central Saint Martins, London, UK
2020 - The Conch, South London Gallery, UK 
2017 - Synthetic Ecology 2: Midnight Notes, ONCA, Brighton, UK
2017 - Synthetic Ecology, ONCA, Brighton, UK

2023 - Trans Sexuality #12, Almanac Jounal of Trans Poetics, FL
2023 - A Cloud that Bites, zweikommasieben #27, CH
2023 - How to Sleep Faster #13: Empathetic Earth, Arcadia Missa Publications, UK
2022 - Music and Propaganda #22, Arts of the Working Class, DE
2022 - Of the Rancidly Beautiful, Underneath There, UNCHORUS 2023, Freelands Foundation, UK
2021 - Metamorphosis: On future bodies & living identities, Nieuwe Vide, NL
2021 - Energy Systems, Well Projects, UK 
2021 - Membering the Night Witches, Love Spells and Rituals for Another World, UK
2019 - Issue 10: Glossolalia, SALT. Editorial, UK
2018 - life/forms 3.0 | Wild Combination, Flat Time House, UK

2023 - Mutant Sensuality, Reading Room Rotterdam, NL
2023 - Transsensuality & Transpoetics: Sex Writing, With Maxime Dreesen, De Studio, Antwerp, BE
2022 - Trans*-Sensuality & Trans*-Poetics, Gasworks, UK
2020 - The Cosmic Choir - Online seminar series with Verity Birt
2019 - Writing the Toxic Voice, Nottingham Contemporary, UK
2018 - Wild Combination, Flat Time House, UK
2017 - Tool Making for a Precarious Future, Open School East, UK