my hole is the place where i call myself a mother, 2020
Solo Exhibition | Well Projects, Margate, UK

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my hole is the place where i call myself a mother is solo exhibition about holes, how to listen to them and how to tend to them. Taking form as a cosmic sonic essay through film, installation, poetry and textiles, the exhibition follows the mystical coming-of-age story of a vampiric 8000 year old being, a burning meteorite and the visitation of an alien fungus that translates the unspeakable voices of trees.

Inspired by the medieval English lyric ‘Fowelles in the Frith,’ in which to walk with the forest one “must go mad”, the choral voices of an angelic narrator lead us as they dream of learning to listen to trees and their resultant transformations. Imagining an eco-erotics of a fantastic body of holes; holes-in-time, black holes, mouths, ears and other bodily junctures are threaded into a spiralling cosmology of trans motherhood for birthing other worlds. Featuring performance with Sarjon Azouz and a score with Marie Tučková, the video installation troubles relations of belonging, musicality and Christian mysticism, questioning how can we listen to the unspeakably sensual, inarticulable and untranslatable?

So where do you wanna go tonight?

By the time I am 60 I know that I will have learn’t how to listen to the voices in the holes of the trees,

Because there are holes in the trees in my bedroom in space, don’t you know?

By the time I am 60 I will have learnt how to listen to the holes in the trees.

Can you, can you… So where do want to go?

Production Credits:

my hole is the place where i call myself a mother (2020)
A film by Lou Lou Sainsbury
Written and performed by Lou Lou Sainsbury & Sarjon Azouz
Camera, video editing and sound editing: Lou Lou Sainsbury
Production assistant: Mia van den Bos
Music performed and recorded by Marie Tučková, with lyrics written by Lou Lou Sainsbury

- my hole is the place i call myself a mother, 2020. Single Channel HD video, 20.25 mins.
- Sunbeam’s frenz (the Solar Anus), 2020. Hand dyed & felted sheep’s wool, tumeric, madder root, indigo, cochineal bugs.
- the holes in my bedroom in space: fungus from a study group, 2020. Installation, text piece through plants, wax, paper, hand dyed sheep’s wool, wire, Citrus Vulcan Hystrix Tree, Canna, Echinacea Purpurea, Begonia, Salvia.

Commissioned and produced by Well Projects, with support from Arts Council England.

Thanks to Well Projects for their continual support and generosity. Special thanks to Pelumi Adejumo, Mia van den Bos, Raphael Daibert, Sara Giannini, George Harding, Risa Horn, Rebecca Jagoe, Kris Lock, Iarlaith Ni Fheorais, Flávia Palladino, Kari Rosenfeld, Hannah Sakai, Zachary Schoenhut, Hypatia Vourloumis, Geo Wyeth, Arnisa Zeqo, the Dutch Art Institute, and the slugs of Arnhem, NL for digesting my words.