Fowelley’s Scent, 2023
Scent Installation & Perfume Edition | Made in collaboration with Gabi Dao/PPL’S Perfume.
Distributed by Unit 17, Vancouver, CA.
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Fowelley’s Scent is a gender-bending perfume based on the hormonal changing scents of a transing more-than-human saint that leaks their past selves.

You are stung by geranium, gentle but piercing, an under-the-skin presence. The soft halo of a saint emanates brightly amber citrus, permeated by the headiness of car exhaust with a wreath of sweet marjoram. Fresh and undoubtedly green, but not without beads of sweat and salted ocean air.  A turn of events brings smokey and greasy oakmoss with leather to complicate this tableaux, where lactonic whispers ooze over the dewy skin of soaked dancing bodies, sharing wetness, seeping animal stench. Acidic and desirous. In this conjuring, a small cluster of mushroom spores amongst petals ask:

“Fowelley are you leaking?”

Fowelley’s Scent is a cloud that bites. Just delicious.

Follow this offering of scent.

                 Mist clouding, citrus rain ache, cutting lapped concrete,
                 gathering droplets between crevices sweet enough to taste.

                 I invite you into it.
                 Sweat stained, eating out,
                 From afar it crosses the room.

Thighs wet and heavy beating rainclouds, sunshine drying us as honour for the days
that we spend deep as residue, waiting for each other to form, never quite forming enough
to be fully seen.                 

                 You are welcome to let it pierce you, it may have already.
                                         You shouldn’t trust it however, as it doesn’t trust you so much either.
                                                                      But it is still here for you to take.

                 A sharp tongue.
                 A cloud that bites.

                           You smell different. 

                                         “Is this what my body said?
                                                      Use me
                                                                            drain me
                                                                                                       fall around me.”

                 Clap hands together, follow scent, taste them.
                 Leaving, slapped with oil.

You smell different. 
                                                                                                                                                          This scent listens very clearly.

                 In a sense I am losing your attention, it is taking you somewhere else.

                 Did you notice how that felt off all of a sudden?
                 It’s strange, no?
                 This cloud.

Poem: A Cloud That Bites, 2022.