pollen spools out, words scatter through a waiting room window, 2021
Lou Lou Sainsbury with Marie Tučková 
Performed at Understory Chant, The Dutch Art Institute & Sonsbeek 20-24,  26 August 2021, Posttheater,  Arnhem, Netherlands

In the waiting room, history performs its own waiting. Romance is a bite from an open window, the stench of it burnt her nostrils. Earth is deadnamed. A love scene of sorts, for friendship in the horror of a shapeshifting yolk. Based on autobiographical experiences of trans communities sharing hormone replacement therapy outside of the official medical channels, ‘pollen spools…’ is an ecosexual ode to the ways in which our bodies, both human and more-than-human meet and exist for each other, in the trans healthcare waiting room.


Marie and I sing an ode to the sexual lives of plants and insects. Scene d'Amour from Hitchcock's Vertigo is reworked into a long score of intense anticipation without release, I receive a phone call and am given a vat of gel, sharing hormones. The stench of geraniums fills the room of the theatre, the gel is noxious and contagious. Marie and I excessively rub the gel on our legs, dance in the slippery, and embrace on a chair whilst the deep scent burns nostrils with autotune narration for an alien leaking being somewhere else/out-of-scene, in another waiting room.⁠

"In the waiting room, we will find the means at all costs to exist for each other, and stage the plan for which we no longer exist, for each other." ⁠

A score from the performance ‘pollen spools out, words scatter through a waiting room window’, acting as an improvisational movable-map.⁠

Special thanks to Dagmar Bosma, Marie Tučková, Kari Rosenfeld, Azul de Monte, Sabel Gavaldon, Joel Furness, Mia van den Bos, Barby Asante, Lisette Lagnado, Momtaza Mehri, Giulia Crispiani, Peter Sattler, Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Xenia Klein, Snejanka Mihaylova, Rory Pilgrim and all transing* beings.  

Supported by Gasworks and the Dutch Art Institute, with Sonsbeek 20-24.