Freelance Artist Work

Whitstable Biennale 2018, 17 mins
Lou Lou Sainsbury: Director, Camera, Editing

Full Video here:

In 2018, Lou Lou was commissioned to create a short video documentary of that year’s Whitstable Biennale, filming the workshops, performances, installations and film events along with camera operator Rosie Lonsdale.  They documented Whitstable Biennale as an active participant, seeking moments of sensitivity and self-reflection whilst tentatively exploring the politics of artists working outside of gallery spaces. Treating the curated artwork of the biennale as found material, Lou Lou reveals the undercurrents of motherhood, animality and lost homelands running through the festival.

Hyottoko the God of Fire, Mikhail Karikis (2017)
Lou Lou Sainsbury: Camera

Hyottoko the God of Fire (2017) is a nod to the cultural history of disability. It is a single screen video and has been created in conjunction with Mikhail Karikis's larger project entitled The Chalk Factory which investigates the theme of disability and labour. Hyottoko the God of Fire functions as a prologue to this theme by featuring a performance of the ancient Japanese legend of Hyottoko by the bamboo flute player Kiku Day.

Duality, Tilly Harding Kemp (2018)
Lou Lou Sainsbury: Co-Editor 

A young woman travels between unconscious dream and mundane reality in Duality, a short film about fiction becoming real in late-capitalist society by Tilly Harding-Kemp.