Subterranean Library (for Subterranean Worlds.) 2017, Open School East/Margate Festival.
Performance, Workshops.

SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS was a two day public event held during Margate Festival and hosted by  associates at Open School East (2017). The event featured a programme of workshops, performances, live music and a reading group. Throughout these sessions the subterranean; that which exists, occurs or is concealed under the earth, was explored as a conceptual framework and physical space for retreat, resistance and learning.

This archive ~ or the SUB-LIBRARY ~ was constructed to document various forms and points of research that pointed toward SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS itself. To act as a network that linked individual excavations to chambers of collaborative action. Material found here was developed, collected and presented to provide an introductory and contextual platform for participants. The SUB-LIBRARY’S only intention is to highlight and disseminate this research…