Life/Forms 3.0: Wild Combination, 2018
Performance, screening & workshop,  double-page feature in zine. 
at Flat Time House,

Wild Combination (2018), a guided tour on how to be wild and other peculiar classifications. Based in the semi-domestic setting of Flat Time House, the workshop critically explored political-emotional encounters of human/non-human lifeforms from everyday life; using time-travel as a tool to articulate gendered & racialised societal fears of wildness.

Conjoining elements of storytelling, writing exercises, walking, performance and moving image, Wild Combination created a reflexive environment with participants using slow/non-human time to personally imagine their own ecological coexistence. Drawing from research into depictions of bizarre creatures in Medieval bestiaries, through to issues with contemporary artificial intelligence; the project worked towards creating a new classification system of all inhabitants/living beings everywhere.

Wildened and a bit sorry,

Sucking on fingers, lets just say this. ‘we’re resting right now, waiting for the spit to hang out of our mouths.’


‘total revolution in our chests, this is a ribcage insurrection.’

Like maintaining a healthy and pleasurable relationship with arseholes, like keeping space, like love that throws a distance, like the image that cannot be described, letting be, sitting, just heading into, over. Just talking. These things rested me. Holding you real.

“That’s us, before we got there, that’s morning time, before we got there,
That’s us, before we got there, that’s morning time, before we got there. “

To be headless is to be removed.
1000 years headless and facial recognition got you seeking, watching what’s left.

“The world is watching: one cannot walk through a meadow or forest without a ripple of report spreading out from one's passage. The thrush darts back, the jay squalls, a beetle scuttles under the grasses, and the signal is passed along. Every creature knows when a hawk is cruising or a human strolling. The information passed through the system is intelligence.” - The Etiquette of Freedom, Gary Snyder.

The silver birch tree hangs above, octagonally segmented into a series of frames. We look beyond the hanging, pouring in, a capacity to know this, a capacity to know this is outside, a capacity to only know this is properly viewed from this angle.

We view this tree, living, framed, with it, with us,

Walks over to soil square

In this square I am standing with it. And although I am feeling more comfortable. There is no ontological difference between me standing here.

jumps back to the square over in the centre of the room

and here.

I am here with the tree, yet it is evading.

It’s kind of like a trick, like it’s dodging something, we are trying to catch something that’s on both sides now.

on algorythms and other life/forms

Many thanks to Lucy Cowling, Katie Fiore, Gareth Bell-Jones, Jo Sweeney and everyone who participated in the sessions.

Kindly supported by the Goldsmiths Alumni and Friends Fund.