i love you twice in autumn, 2017, HD video, 4K video, 3D animation, stills
11.53 mins

i love you twice in autumn (2017) is an autobiographical video essay exploring relationships of technology, memory and the landscape.

Split into two opposing parts, in Part 1: Swan Song for William Blake - A set of trees are placed past the end of human existence as future historians. Working predominantly from Albert Camus’ The Fall and Bataille’s Erotism: Death & Sensuality, the trees unify to form an absurdist monologue, as together they discuss codependence, technology, extinction and sex, in the abject.

Part 2: Intertitles and Sequences for Late Autumn/Early Winter imagines an existential landscape of the past, recollecting stories from a relationship in the Sussex countryside, childhood trauma and the Romantic.

Imagining two inhospitable landscapes of memory, the episodic video links the problem of archiving ones own history and the resurrection of memories previously pronounced dead. i love you twice in autumn on the one side speculating the absurdity of pre-empting a future, whilst the other side details the trouble of organizing a past; both eclipsed by the ephemeral nature of a goodbye.

Special thanks to Bebe Bentley, Eliott Mussi, Bethany Crawford, Jack Walsh, Louis Paccalin and Rosie Carina.