Rite of Passage, 2018, Single-channel HD video, text, colour, sound. 9:50 mins
In response to Ollie Dook's 'Reflection on a Visit v.1 & v.2' 2017: http://olliedook.com/visit.html

"What's this?" the child asked, pointing and poking the tripod attached to the camera. "Is it a lion?"
I tilted the tripod to her so she could see the viewing frame of the camera.
"But what's it for?
" It's for taking pictures." Her father replied.
"But what's it for?" She said, stumped.
"Don't be silly darling, it's for taking pictures..."
Her father took her hand, he thanked me and they left.

Filmed in London Zoo, February 2018, by Lou Lou Sainsbury.
Special thanks to Ollie Dook, Mikhail Karikis and Korallia Stergides for the dialogue.
Supported by Well Projects.